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Eric Braeden, better known as Victor Newman on The Young & The Restless, was live on Facebook about having prostate cancer.  Here is the live video where he talks about having an enlarged prostate and having to pee frequently. 

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Prostadine Supplement Facts

Extensive research has been conducted by scientists and they discovered a brand new way to shrink your prostate with 100% natural ingredients. 

  • Nori Yaki Extract Powder - Promotes weight loss and improves your heart health in addition to its prostate benefits (O’Brien). 
  • Wakame Extract - Scientifically proven to lower breast cancer risk, strengthens bones, contains manganese, iron and calcium, stimulates the liver to help lower cholesterol levels, and much more (Price). 
  • Kelp Powder - Lowers breast cancer risk, lowers blood sugar naturally, and helps to promote weight loss and "according to a study conducted by Dr. Clifford Clark and published in the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Journal, short-term supplementation with kelp powder can help boost the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone in the body" (Staughton). 
  • Bladderwrack Powder - Great for your thyroid, very rich in iodine, and stimulates the production of urine due to fluid retention (Berg). 
  • Saw Palmetto - Great at relieving an enlarged prostate, migraines, and even hair loss (NCCIH).
  • Pomegranate Extract - Antioxidant that improves many heart conditions such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease (Cleveland Clinic). 
  • Iodine - Important for biochemical reactions throughout the body, critical for metabolism, and a required nutrient for growing infants and fetuses (NIH). 
  • Shilajit - Slows the aging process, helps with weight loss, contains a high amount of iron, increases fertility, antiviral, may impore heart health, and studies have shown it to prevent metastasis and also induce apoptosis in liver cancer (Johnson). 
  • Neem - Effective against certain fungi like athletes foot, ringworms, and candida, as well as suppresses harmful bacteria like salmonella, and food poisoning (Neem). 

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Having a healthy prostate and stopping the frequent urinations are crucial to your health, especially as you age. 

Urologists are shocked by how well this formula performs. Why? Because Prostadine gets right to the root cause of your prostate issues and corrects them. 

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Definitely a product that changes lives for the better. 

  • Boosts Libido
  • Protects Your Liver 

Check out the Prostadine testimonials from past customers. 

Prostadine already boasts over 190,000 customers worldwide... with no notable side effects. Why? The formula is 100% natural

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The bottom line is the formula works. Science, along with the customers who have utilized the product, have proven its worth. 

The scientific references to the winning Prostadine formula have come from Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, Healthline, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and the Journal of Urology. 

Having an enlarged prostate is tough. It can lead to so many serious diseases, and worst of all death. Keeping the prostate healthy should be a top priority for males at any age. 

Learn More About Prostadine and the Breakthrough Scientific Discovery That Led to It's Development

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