3.5 Billion Dental Health Nutrients

Mouths Need Good Bacteria

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ProDentim is dentist recommended. A natural formula without any harmful chemicals, made in an FDA registered facility and Good Manufacturing Practice certified. Good bacteria are needed to keep gums healthy, decrease plaque, and balance out the bacteria inside the mouth. 

Keep Teeth Healthy and Strong With ProDentim's #1 Teeth Rebuilding Formula!

Usually, many similar products have many disgusting genetically modified ingredients. Stuff made inside a chemical laboratory which leaves you with not much worry for the short term but in the long term, may cause cancer and other serious illnesses due to the unnatural response of your body from the chemicals. 

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100% Natural Oral Health Product 

ProDentim provides 100% natural ingredients. The 7 ingredients are non-GMO and deliver an entire army of ingredients to not only protect your mouth from harmful disease, but also helps out your entire body to prevent cancers, act as an anti-inflammatory, promote a healthy gut, and more. 

Lactobacillus Paracasei - Helps with healthy gums. In addition to this good bacteria's dental benefits, lactobacillus paracasei promotes a healthy stomach by removing bad bacteria and adding more good bacteria, also protecting the intestinal wall and helping the stomach ingest nutrients when combined with other good bacteria (Balance One). 

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Lactobacillus Reuteri - Studies have shown these good bacteria decreasing plaque and bleeding from the gums, significantly reducing inflammation for chronic periodontitis, oral candida, and currently studying whether it fights off the bacteria that causes cavities (Aleksic). 

B.lactis BL-04 - Balances out the mouth bacteria. Has anti-inflammatory properties, brings the immune system to optimal levels and improves immune response, and great for maintaining your gut health for a while (Danisco). 

Inulin - Supports the good bacteria in ProDentim. Stimulates bowel movements, reduces cancer risk, repairs your gut health, and even helps to lower your cholesterol. 

Malic Acid - A natural element found in strawberries used to whiten teeth, increase saliva production to treat dry mouth, and used in many toothpastes and mouthwashes (NetMeds). 

Tricalcium Phosphate - Safe to use when good manufacturing practices takes place to help treat calcium deficiency, bone density, and prevent osteoporosis. Teeth are made up of mostly calcium so this will help make them stronger. 

Peppermint - Helps relieve vomiting from chemotherapy, effective as a decongestant, helps stop the flow of bile and comforts the stomach, relieve headaches and migraines with a touch of peppermint oil on the forehead, and acts as an inflammatory (Fernando). 

Definitely consult your Dr. before taking ProDentim. Start your journey today to healthy teeth by growing the good bacteria inside your teeth.

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