Prevent Hearing Loss Naturally

Prevent Hearing Loss Naturally With Quietum Plus 

prevent hearing loss

Quietum Plus helps to prevent hearing loss naturally with these 8 natural ingredients along with hops extract. A powerful formula for your ears. Some of the herbs and plants inside this natural supplement are hard to obtain. Here are the list of ingredients and proven health benefits in addition to your ears. 

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Yam - Proven to regulate blood sugar, improve cholesterol, reduce photoaging, contains an abundance of vitamins, and diosgenin - a plant-based estrogen which could provide menopausal relief and estrogen therapy naturally (Oliver). Diosgenin is used as a base for many steroidal prescription drugs and has gained interest for potentially helping to lower blood pressure and treat cancer (Jesus et al.).

Fenugreek - Small studies revealed the plant to increase breast milk production and improve male libido (Wong). Fenugreek seed significantly lowered blood sugar levels in non-insulin dependent diabetics, significantly improves ulcers, proven to relieve extreme menstrual pains and their durations, also relieving menopausal symptoms (nausea, headaches, vomiting) during periods, and improves female libido (Biggins).

Sure Sign Ear Ringing Is Shrinking Your Brain Cells (And How To Stop It)

Dong Quai (angelica gigas) - Strengthens the immune system, exhibits anti-cancer properties, improves women's gynecological health, and helps the cardiovascular system (Kamal). Demonstrates proven anti-inflammatory properties, outstanding pain relief, natural muscle relaxer, and an ingredient in a cream that prevents premature ejaculations (Bulzoni).

- Helps to reduce hypothyroidism, prevent narcolepsy, assists with making important thyroid hormones and increases T3 thyroid hormone (responsible for breathing, heart rate, muscle strength, digestion, intestinal flow, menstrual cycles, bodyweight, and more) and extremely beneficial for mental behaviors in stressful situations such as military trainings, sleep deprivations, multitasking, and cold weather (Wannissorn).

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Motherwort - Great at nurturing the uterus for childbirth, proven menstrual benefits (reduces cramping, muscle spasms, hot flashes, headaches), improves blood circulation, encourages new capillary growth, and treats hypothyroidism (Barton). Also includes mental health benefits, cardiac pain relief, stomach pain, and antioxidant benefits because it contains flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds (Mendicino).

Black Cohosh Oat Grass
- Proven to act as a painkiller and relieve menstrual pains (Cleveland Clinic).

Pacific Kelp - More vitamin c than orange juice, more calcium than milk, vitamin k, vitamin A, vitamin b-12, a great source of iodine, and great for thyroid hormone production (Roberts). Studies have shown kelp to slow cancers of the colon and breast, other studies discovered a compound called fucoidan that could stop the spread of lung and prostate cancers, type 2 diabetes relief, and also contains a carotenoid compound called fucoxanthin and a fiber called alginate to help with weight loss (Buettner).

Blessed Thistle
(Cnicus benedictus)- Stimulates lactation and contains cnicin which binds common bacteria inhibiting bacterial replication.

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Additional Health Benefits

A great mixture of herbs, vitamins, and plants that supports women through menopause, their cycle, and increases breastmilk production as well. Because it contains flavonoids, this diet supplement that supports your hearing also assists with weight loss, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Definitely a safe supplement to take because it is 100% natural. Of course, you still want to check with your Dr. to be on the safe side.

And it’s all explained in a short video.

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