Liver Detoxification Metabolism Booster

New Discovery Leads To Fat Loss and Healthier Liver Function

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Liv Pure has 10 super healthy ingredients that are 100% natural. 5 of these powerful ingredients are all scientifically proven to detoxify the liver. The other five are scientifically proven to burn fat within the body. Combined, they provide a healthy way to support a healthy liver by burning fat and getting rid of the toxins within the body. 

Besides detoxifying the liver, these 5 all natural ingredients inside Liv Pure also:

Silymarin - Scientifically proven to help with chronic liver diseases, liver cirrhosis, reduces insulin resistance, and even proven to be a therapy for cancer patients (Feher, Janos, and Gabriella Lengyel). Silymarin is popular for its liver treatments, however, it also neutralizes free radicals, and helps to enhance the effects of cancer drugs especially for breast and ovarian cancers (National Cancer Institute). 

Betaine shows possible future use as a clinical treatment for liver diseases and non liver diseases (Arumugam, Madan Kumar, et al). Prevents fatty liver disease, and the reason why it prevents and treats many serious diseases of the liver and non liver is due to its positive effects to the cells and molecules inside the body (Arumugam, Madan Kumar, et al). 

Berberine - Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol along with decreasing obesity and type 2 diabetes (Ye, Yu, et al). Helps to fight vascular disease which promotes healthy blood vessels carrying oxygen and blood throughout the body (Ai, Xiaopeng, et al). 

Molybdenum - Supports liver detoxification and flushes out pollutants inside the body helping you to feel better throughout your body. 

Glutathione - Attendees from a lecture in San Diego, CA were impressed with a lecture on glutathione at the Restorative Medicine Conference to the point as to say "it was one of the most important lectures they had ever heard" (Pizzorno). Has anti aging properties and great for your skin (Weschawalit, Sinee, et al).  

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Liv Pure Contains 5 Other Natural Ingredients For Fat Burning and Boosting Your Metabolism. 

Camellia Sinensis - This tea plant helps to prevent cancer at the cellular level and improves and prevents metabolic disorders and diseases such as obesity (Khan, Naghma, and Hasan Mukhtar). Has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties (Aboulwafa, et al). 

Resveratrol - Over 250 clinical studies have been performed and it was discovered to help with a number of cancers, improve heart conditions, helps with kidney diseases, improves brain function, helps with hypertension, and helps with obesity as well (Singh, Akhand Pratap, et al). Found naturally in grapes, it was discovered to prevent tumors and scientifically proven to treat all three stages of cancers which are prevention, treat its diagnosis, and prevent further growth (Salehi, Bahare, et al). 

Genistein - Found naturally in fruits, vegetables, nuts, chickpeas, and acts as a catalyst to bring forth antioxidant activity within the body treating and preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis (Mathew, Shimy, and Cijo George Vazhappilly). 

Chlorogenic Acid - Can be found naturally in coffee, clinical trials have revealed it to play a critical role in the fight against diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and more (Tajik, Narges, et al). 

Choline - Plays a critical role in the formation of DNA, as well as critical roles in breathing and heart rate (Eske). Critical nutrient for pregnant women as it plays a major role in the childs development such as brain development (Korsmo, Hunter W., et al). 

Silymarin and resveratrol are also found in Ikaria Lean Belly Juice - A delicious juice that destroys pounds naturally by attacking ceramides that clog your vital organs like your heart and liver. Also attacks the fat and stubborn pounds around your belly and thighs as well.

Liv Pure's 10 natural ingredients are scientifically proven to heal the liver and burn fat. Overwhelming scientific evidence exists to heal the blood vessels that carry oxygen and vital nutrients. Plays a vital role in pregnant women. Helps prevent cancer and stop the spread. Plays roles in the fight against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Truly, Liv Pure's magic is its 100% natural and will help anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle. 

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