Boost Metabolic Rate Naturally

Activate Metabolic Flexibility with Metabo Flex

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Boost your natural metabolic rate naturally with Metabo Flex and activate metabolic flexibility. Boosting your metabolism naturally, will burn more calories while at rest. 

Metabolism is more about the energy the body needs to perform its vital functions like movements, growth, development, and reproduction. Weight loss is not metabolism's main effect on the body. However, when people boost their metabolism naturally, it can be an effective way to help your body lose weight safely

Did you know obese people have a naturally high metabolism rate? Because the body naturally raises it to burn the excess calories. Calorie restrictions and rapid weight loss decrease your metabolic rate, which actually makes it more difficult to lose weight. 

Eating healthy boosts your metabolism naturally. 

Introducing METABO FLEX - The World's 1st Unique Proprietary Blend of 6 Hard to Find Natural Ingredients Scientifically Proven to Naturally Boost Your Metabolic Flexibility.

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Ocimum Sanctum ( Holy Basil )- Clinical trials have shown holy basil to decrease glucose levels and improve blood pressure in patients with type 2 diabetes along with a study of young obese people shown significant improvements in body weight, BMI, taking ocimum sanctum capsules twice a day for two weeks (Satapathy et al.). Human studies have shown holy basil act as an adaptogen, improve sexual performance, improve infections and wounds, with no negative side effects reported during human trials (Krans). 

Camellia Sinensis (tea leaf extract)- Scientific research shows it to regulate fat metabolism, increase metabolic rates, heavy influence on weight loss, and increase fat oxidation (Lang).  It possesses anti-cancer effects and very effective carcinogen killing effects, kills cancer cells, antimicrobial, antiviral, protects your liver, lowers heart disease risk, improves diabetes, reduces fat digestion, improves brain functions, acts as an inflammatory, and improves blood flow within the skeletal muscles (Aboulwafa et al).

Chlorogenic Acid (CGA)- "We have summarized the biological activities of CGA, which are mainly shown as anti-oxidant, liver and kidney protection, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, regulation of glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism, anti-inflammatory, protection of the nervous system, and action on blood vessels"(Wang et al). 

L-Carnitine - The body usually makes enough of this essential nutrient, however, people who took more in 9 different human trials, discovered L-Carnitine to lose an average of 2.9 pounds than those participants that did not take it (Bell). More human studies were conducted, and they discovered the essential nutrient to improve brain function, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammatory markers related to heart disease, and has shown it to significantly decrease type 2 diabetes (Mawer). 

Chromium - Chromium is shown to lower blood sugar, essential for lipid metabolism, and eating refined foods lowers chromium levels (Anderson). Helps to suppress your appetite allowing you to feel full longer, which contributes to weight loss and a lower natural calorie intake. 

Resveratrol - Human studies have shown resveratrol to improve lipid and central metabolism, have a controlling influence on phase I and phase II metabolism enzymes and transporters, reduce body weight, BMI, and blood pressure (Springer, Margherita, and Sofia Moco). 

Each unique ingredient possesses a powerful way to boost metabolism. With all 6 combined you have an even more powerful natural metabolic resource to enhance your weight loss goals, as well as improve your overall health. 

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