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Fat Loss Studies Reveal Crucial Component for Losing Fat

Components Crucial to Weight Loss Many fat loss studies have been conducted through the decades. Most recently, blueberries have been found to help with increasing fat oxidation rates. Exercise is a proven treatment for obesity through the years without much debate. There is some confusion and debate with the amount of fat lost when it comes to the macronutrient's fat, protein, and carbohydrates when compared with one another.  Exercise Exercising produces the hormone irisin, which burns the white fat cells that store fat, and creates brown fat cells that keep burning calories after your done exercising, and according to Dr. Komaroff of Harvard Health, "We already have a proven treatment that profoundly protects our health: exercise" (Publishing, Harvard Health). Brown fat is shown to increases survival rate in cancer, lowers risk for heart disease, and lower your blood pressure (Society, American Physiological).   According to 149 systematic reviews and meta-analyses f

Belly Fat Caused by Cytokines

911-Emergency Cure Stubborn Tummy Fat Today Belly fat is an active food source for the organs surrounding your belly like your liver, so the belly constantly sends fat to your liver blocking adiponectin (good hormones in your body that burns fat and lowers blood sugar) and inflames harmful chemicals called cytokines making it difficult to lose weight and harder to lower your blood sugar (Vogel, "What Causes Belly Fat in Women? Doctors Break it Down"). Eating unhealthy leads to an increase in inflammation in your belly which accumulates into the harmful belly fat.  Drinking too much alcohol can cause an increase in inflammation and liver disease (Cadman). Heavy drinkers usually have excess fat around their bellies. Even if you have a slim waist your waistline may be high in percentage of body fat (Palinski-Wade). Visceral and subcutaneous fat are the most popular forms of fat around the waistline. Visceral fat is more harmful because it lies deep within the abdomen out of rea