Why Organic Food Sales are Increasing in the UK

The UK's Growing Organic Industry

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Why are organic food sales increasing in the uk? People are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of an unhealthy diet. Organic farmland is increasing, demand for organic food is at an all-time high, and financial support from the government has increased for the organic industry as well. 

Organic Growth Within The UK

In 2019 the U.K experienced the biggest growth in 15 years due to the peoples increased interest in better food (Harvey). The UK has been experiencing continuous growth for 9 consecutive years, beginning in 2012, even surpassing the non-organic food industry in terms of growth.

Organic Farmlands Rising

In 2021 organic farmland in the UK rose 3.6% which was preceded by a rise of only 0.8% in 2020, and significantly selling more in the stores than non-organic from 2019-2021 (Soil Association). Farmers within the U.K are transitioning more to organic farms because it is better for the environment, the demand is increasing and at an all-time high, they stay in business longer than traditional farming, it costs less - grants and support from the government for transitioning to organic, and preserving the environment, are increasing (Evangate Financial Services). In 2021, farmers transitioning to organic grew 3.4%.

Organic Grocers

Planet Organic is the largest Soil Association certified organic shop inside the UK. It was the first certified organic grocer in London back in 1995.

Greenbay is a vegan supermarket in London and are quoted as saying "The demand for healthier cleaner products is greater than ever and will continue growing as more people are becoming aware of the risks involved with a traditional western diet. The benefits of an organic plant-based diet are vast, and people want to live healthily (Specialty Food)."

Organic food provides children with healthier snacks. Increased awareness of healthy eating for children, has brought up increased sales of healthier food for kids. 

Organic Industry Growing Worldwide

Worldwide the organic industry is growing. France, Germany, and the United States all experienced increased growth within organic food sales and farmland in recent years. The UK is seventh in the world in organic sales (Ledsom). 


With organic farmland increasing 3.6% I imagine it will continue to grow into the future. The U.K is moving towards more sustainable farmlands. The demand from consumers is growing as well. With support from the government, who knows when these growing trends will end. 

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