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Diet Test Reveals Secret Dietary DNA Codes

Struggling With Diets? Take A Diet Test  Image by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay If you have been struggling with diets, a diet test might be another option for you. Also known as a DNA test which will match you up with a diet plan based on the results of the test. In addition, nutrition testing will point out reasons why you may have been struggling with your diet plans in the past and point to the areas of your body and mental health you have been struggling with.  DNA Holds the Key to Your Nutrition Image by MasterTux  from Pixabay Your DNA holds the key to how your body reacts to what you eat and drink which allows diet testing, called nutrigenomics, to design a unique set of dietary recommendations to prevent food illnesses and it allows your body to reach its full health potential (B.S). Over 500,000 people die each year in the Unites States from food related issues. This is not a sudden death either. Bouts of depression, obesity, feeling down, gastrointestinal issues, many differe

Coca Leaves Positives and Negatives

           Image by Loggawiggler by Pixabay Coca Leaves Health Benefits Coca Leaves have many health benefits for the body and contain numerous nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamins (A, B2, E) (Dr. Health Benefits). The cocaine found in coca leaves is not addictive nor as strong as the coke distributed as an addictive drug (Dr. Health Benefits). Cocaine has a reputation for being so harmful for the body. In its most natural form within the coca leaf, cocaine is very beneficial for the human body .  Research studies from The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse have also concluded that coca could be used to treat gastrointestinal issues, depression, help with exercising, and for losing weight (Weil). Obviously another positive for coca leaves. Large doses of coca produce negative mental behaviors leading to addiction which continues to deteriorate the mental state as the coca abuse continues (Ortiz). Probably why a lot of homeless people and very poor people seem to