Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

Sugar can be bad for your mouth, heart, and overall health. But, does sugar cause cavities? Not really. 

Bacteria in your mouth eats sugar left over from sweets, whole grains, and fruits, in which the bacteria leave acid that becomes harmful to the teeth, not the sugar itself (Blue Island Smiles). This is how cavities truly develop. It is very important to brush after every meal in order to brush away all the carbohydrates bacteria feeds off before plaque and cavities develop (Palermo).

Starch Can Be Harmful To Teeth

Foods that contain a lot of starch, like potato chips, are bad for your teeth because the starch turns into sugar in your teeth which can lead to cavities (Feintuch). It is better to eat all your sugar at once than many times throughout the day because it disrupts the way your mouth protects itself from the sugars with your saliva, increasing the risk for cavities (The Mead Dental). 

Sugar Is Bad For Your Heart

Sugar is known for its association with bad oral health, weight gain, and obesity. However, a 15-year study was conducted, and it was discovered the people who consumed more added sugar in their diet were 38% more at risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

Avoiding Added Sugars

You definitely want to avoid added sugars as much as you can. Leaving candies, cakes, pastries, and sodas alone will definitely do wonders for your dental and physical health. 

Preventing Cavities

Prevention of cavities is key to avoiding costly treatments by flossing, brushing, visiting the dentist regularly, and chewing sugarless gum after meals (My Rivertown Dentist). 

Add Good Bacteria to Your Mouth

ProDentim is dentist recommended. A natural formula without any harmful chemicals, made in an FDA registered facility and Good Manufacturing Practice certified. Good bacteria are needed to keep gums healthy, decrease plaque, and balance out the bad bacteria inside the mouth.

A 100% natural oral health product. Besides ProDentims dental health benefits, also helps the body prevent cancer and fight other harmful diseases not associated with oral health. The 7 natural ingredients include lactobacillus paracasei, lactobacillus reuteri, B.lactis BL-04, inulin, malic acid, tricalcium phosphate, and peppermint. 

Some of the dental benefits include:

  • Decreasing Plaque
  • Stop Bleeding Gums
  • Balance Out Mouth Bacteria
  • Whitens Teeth
Each ingredient scientifically proven to benefit your mouth. When combined inside ProDentim, it provides a powerful dental health product that definitely works and improves your oral health with incredible results. 

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