Best Exercises For Weight Loss

The Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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The best exercises for weight loss include interval training, aerobic exercise, strength training, and yoga. Weight loss is important because the buildup of visceral fat leads to many diseases and sexual dysfunctions. Nutrition is important as well as nutritional deficiencies will lead to extra storages of fat and make it harder to lose weight via exercise. 

Interval Training Burns Belly Fat

Many studies were conducted on interval training, running sprints for 40 seconds followed by 60 seconds of jogging back and forth continuously for 30 minutes for example, and it was discovered as a great exercise to burn belly fat (Raman).

Running Burns The Most Calories

Running beat out cycling, swimming, walking, aerobics, hiking, and skiing for burning calories after an hour of each activity (Mayo Clinic Staff). Burning calories will always lose belly fat and shrink the visceral fat within your body. Visceral fat inside the abdomen can lead to metabolic syndrome, increasing the risks for liver disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gallstones, cancers, and sexual dysfunctions.

Exercising is Better Than Dieting

Did you know exercising is better at weight loss than strict dieting? Exercising focuses more on losing fat instead of losing weight. Losing weight, as with certain strict diets, risks losing precious muscle mass and water. Muscle mass helps to burn calories while at rest, so the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn at rest. Healthy eating habits is much better than eating a strict diet. That way you do not run the risk of losing muscle mass. 

Boost Oxytocin Level Naturally

Nutritional deficiencies and lack of sleep will cause our cortisol levels to rise, slowing down digestion and the good hormone oxytocin, which leads to the storage of more fat (Therrien-Abell). Oxytocin is the love hormone that makes us feel good which mainly helps to bring about childbirth, but also helps us to stay motivated to exercise, and exercise boosts the oxytocin levels naturally within our bodies (Watson). 

Exercise and Healthy Nutrition are Keys to Weight Loss

A good mix of exercise and nutrition is key to weight loss according to Dr. Camhi who also said, "It is imperative to include legs and large muscle groups when weight training for weight loss" (Healthday). According to a medically reviewed article from Everyday Health, a mix of aerobic exercise and strength training are best for fat loss and recommended burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, skater jumps, plank jacks, and high knees as the best exercises for weight loss that can be done at home without any gym equipment (Lawyer).  A mixture of aerobic exercises, strength training, and healthy nutrition are perfect for weight loss. 

The Best Exercises for Weight Loss at Home

More of the best exercises for weight loss at home include yoga, pushups, jumping rope and lunges (Jain). Exercising experts recommended dumbbell curls, rows, and calf raises to be added to your exercise routines for weight loss (Mellardo). 


The best exercises for weight loss burn calories and build muscle mass. Exercise gets rid of the deadly visceral fat and helps to boost oxytocin levels. The perfect combination for weight loss is aerobic exercises, strength training, and eating a healthy diet. 

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