Eating A Raw Food Diet

 Lose Weight Quickly with A Raw Food Diet

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If you want to lose weight quickly, a raw food diet is the way to go (Team). In addition to the rapid weight loss, studies have proven your body experiences improvements in your gut health, it optimizes your heart, and keeps your blood sugar levels healthy (Team). The diet has its origins way back in the early 1800's after a clinic was opened by Oskar Bircher-Benner after he ate raw apples that cured his jaundice (Mudge).  

Benefits of Raw Honey

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Raw Honey contains at least 14 vitamins and minerals, over 5 important antioxidants, and over 3 beneficial enzymes for your body (Boldt). All raw food diets contain 4 enzymes that break down fiber, fats, carbohydrates and proteins inside your gut (Bailey). "Eating raw vegetables gives you the most enzymes, vitamins, and minerals needed for good health" (Piedmont). 

Who knew raw honey contained so much. I just thought it was another sweetener with not many health benefits. 14 vitamins and minerals are a lot and not found in many foods you might consider nutritious. On top of that, add over 5 antioxidants that fight off free radicals and food enzymes that help break down what is going on inside your gut, means you're in for a real healthy treat. 

Phytochemicals Reduces Cancer Risk

A raw food diet will fight diseases like cancer because they will contain phytochemicals (Cleveland Clinic). Scientists believe diets with raw foods can reduce cancer risk by as much as 40% along with research showing that certain phytochemicals will stop the formation and attack of harmful carcinogens that cause cancer (

Tomatoes, grapefruit, watermelon. red oranges are rich in a phytochemical called lycopene which protects the body from prostate cancer, heart disease in diabetics, removes toxins, arteriosclerosis and more (Slayton). 

Citrus fruits, cereals, fruit juices, oil seeds have phytochemicals called phenolics which protect people from heart diseases, tumors, aging, allergies and blood clots (Stanford Medicine Cancer Treatment).

Tasty Snacks

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A raw food diet is not without fun foods to eat as well. People who follow this diet, or incorporate it within their meal plans, also enjoy tasty snack foods like (Esposito and Urban)

  • Raw Chocolate Chips 
  • Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips 
  • Cashews
  • Sunflower Seeds 
The raw food diet has many options to choose from. You can mix and match many options and create snacks and dishes that cater to your liking. 

Eating A Strict Diet Can Be Harmful to Your Body


Nothing restricts you from eating a strict raw food diet. Sometimes just adhering to one type of diet can have your body lacking in other areas of your body's nutrition. Raw food diets, vegan, gluten free, plant-based, or other diet types, can actually do more harm than good unless otherwise specified by a medical professional. For some reason people think in their minds that they have to adhere to a strict form of a diet. Incorporating a combination from each diet and making healthy meals will strengthen those weak parts for a well-balanced diet without missing any of your vital daily nutrients. 
What people definitely should do is cut out all the bad food from their diet. They do more harm to the body than good, especially over time. Causing cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and many other serious illnesses which ultimately leads to death among other health ailments. 

Your nutritional health should be a top priority. Meals like fast food diets, sugary drinks, GMO's, sodium filled diets, high in unhealthy fat, and sweets, should all be limited in your diet or completely eliminated. Your health should definitely be in peak form at all times, and it is not as unrealistic as it sounds. 

Eating Healthy Is Not as Expensive as It Seems

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Eating healthy is not as expensive as it seems either. You always hear about eating healthy is too expensive. If you think about the healthcare costs with unhealthy eating, people will save a lot of money in Dr. bills and drug prescriptions because over 500,000 people die in the U.S due to food related illnesses. When you factor in the entire world, the death count rises to even higher numbers. Raw fruits and vegetables at the market do not cost much and is usually a lot less than the snacks on the shelves. 

People suffer from serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, depression, hypertension, for long periods of times. Bad nutrition causes many of these ailments along with many other diseases. The associated costs with these ailments go without saying. Usually, the existing ailments lead to other medical issues requiring more money for prescription drugs and continuous healthcare. 

Eating Healthy Saves Lives

With a simple change in diet, a person, society, and the world can cut out an extremely high number of serious ailments associated with bad nutrition. Being able to spend even another day with a loved one or friend because they changed their diet would be awesome. By changing your diet, lifespans will definitely be extended because so many early deaths occur due to bad nutrition. Those lives will be extended for many more years with loved ones being able to enjoy them. 

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