Marijuana Prevents Children From Dying

 Marijuana's Many Health Benefits for the Human Body

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Marijuana has many adverse effects for the human body when inhaled abusively. Since it is naturally grown throughout the earth, does it have any beneficial properties?

Marijuana has 20 benefits for the human body after reading an article on Lifehack, with many focused on the brain and nerves such as controlling seizures, protecting the brain after strokes and concussions, help with multiple sclerosis pain, improves motor skills in Parkinsons patients, help with muscle spasms and more (Kabir). Here is a link with an additional 61 benefits of cannabinoids backed by scientific research

Marijuana Destroys Cancer Throughout the Body

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I found the fight against cancer to be interesting. The Lifehack article states 

"The American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in brain, breast, and lungs considerately". 

Another article from Johnson and Wales University stated cannabis can help kill the cancerous cells in cervical cancer along with chemotherapy relief (Isles). The only other natural elements to kill cancer cells that I know of are amur cork bark and curcumin. Most of the other natural elements associated with cancer research has to do with preventing and stopping the spread. To actually kill the cancer cells is a remarkable discovery and to do it significantly in 3 major areas of the body was great to learn. 

The FDA Approves CBD in Medications to Treat Rare Seizures

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The Food and Drug Administration approved cannabidiol (CBD) in medications to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsies called Dravet syndrome (Where 1 and 5 children do not reach the age of 20) and Lenox-Gastaut syndrome and found the medications to be very effective in reducing the number of seizures children usually receive, some not receiving anymore at all (Railton). Since the seizures stop coming, marijuana saves some of those kids lives since the rare seizures are the cause for the kids to die. 

Cannabis Helps People Lose Weight

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Another key area of the body cannabis plays a role in is weight loss, because of its role in the bodies insulin response (Milne). At the same time cannabis helps you garner an appetite and sleep better (Rae). One of those interesting conundrums you rarely come across. I understand how both can work together, I think, since one has to do with igniting an important natural response in your body for losing weight and at the same time if you lack an appetite, you can utilize cannabis to ignite your appetite. 

Relieves Chronic Pain Conditions?

Without extensive and conclusive research, marijuana has shown to relieve chronic pain conditions like interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, as well as Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and glaucoma (Grinspoon). 

More Scientific Research Will Heal People

An amazing list of health benefits for something labeled as an illegal drug. With more scientific research more discoveries can be unleashed and introduced into society to heal people. Obviously, the abuse of the plant needs to be managed properly and ideally not exist. 

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