Belly Fat Diet Loses Deadly Weight

Lose Deadly Visceral Fat Naturally

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Losing excess visceral fat will be beneficial to your body because this type of fat causes diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This type of fat is deep within the abdomen out of reach of human touch, caused by inflammation of harmful chemicals called cytokines after constantly eating an unhealthy diet (Gunnars). 

Shrinking the deadly visceral fat will happen by losing weight which is difficult to lose if you don't cut out the sodium, sugar and salty foods from your diet (John Hopkins Medicine)

Natural Belly Fat Diet 

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Diets that cut calories will always lose belly fat, along with the rest of your body, by eating foods like beans and broccoli because they are high in fiber which helps people to feel full (Bacher). Eating monounsaturated fats and omega- 3 fatty acids trim the belly fat, lean proteins help curb your appetite, and fruits and vegetables help lower your belly by eliminating your extra water because they are rich in potassium. 

Almost half of the U.S. population was obese from 2017 -2020 according to the CDC. It's very sad because obesity causes cancer, high blood pressure, even death. Governments are crucial to obesity prevention because each year it causes over 28 million deaths worldwide, now reaching epidemic proportions and reaching every type of income area (World Health Organization).

African American Women Have the Highest Percentage of Obesity

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In the U.S, African Americans make up the highest percentage of the obese population with African American women the highest percentage of any demographic group in America (Obesity – Black Health)

This is why eating a belly fat diet is crucial for people of all races and incomes. Certain natural drinks and foods are fat burners and help shrink fat cells in the body like whole grains, artichokes, peanuts, chickpeas, teas, and avocados (Dietitian)

Have Fun Eating Healthy

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Finding recipes that include fat burning foods, high in fiber, and low calories, should be pretty easy. Finding healthy meals that taste good for weeks and months at a time should be easy because so many combinations of foods are good for your body. Fruits and vegetables are a must as well. Don't be afraid to begin a natural diet plan that may not fit into any particular category like vegan, keto, or raw food diet, but will help you to lose weight and keep it off. Take good meal ideas from the various diet plans because I think sticking to just one diet plan might do more harm than good by leaving out good tasting food and valuable nutrients. 

It's not all about food when it comes to weight loss. Lack of exercise, lack of drinking water, skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism, and lack of sleep all contribute to gaining weight (Mishra). A proper diet, exercise, and making sure you sleep properly will all contribute to proper weight loss and maintaining your optimal weight.

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