Tongkat Ali Health Properties

Tongkat Ali Improves Overall Well-Being 


Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) has many health benefits for people. It is a natural diet supplement with many clinical reviews and studies. The health properties are so strong that its active ingredient is compared to a prescription drug that treats breast cancer. 

Comes from Malaysia with many sexual benefits including male enhancement and increased libido. Tongkat ali  is rich in phytochemicals such as bioactive steroids and quassinoids, having multiple studies done on male infertility and the results showed it to increase semen volume and improve semen health (Corleone).

Reduces Cancer Risk   

The phytochemicals inside the dietary supplement can reduce cancer risk by up to 40%. Research shows it blocks carcinogens from forming and actually attacks them. 

Helps lower the chance for breast cancer in women and is compared with the prescription drug Tamoxifen, when the active ingredient injected, which is used to treat breast cancer (Kamal Patel). To be compared with a prescription drug to treat breast cancer is incredible. 

Since it was injected, its bioavailability was at 100% which means it was fully absorbed into the bloodstream. A lot of times when clinical trials find promising results, the bioavailability is low when administered orally. In which case it will take sufficient amounts of oral injections or combinations of different herbs that target the same areas to have it reach higher levels of bioavailability. 

Increases Strength and Testosterone

The dietary supplement significantly reduces stress, improves mood and increased testosterone in a peer reviewed study (Talbott et al.). Additional studies show this herb to have anti-inflammatory effects, act as an antioxidant, the quassinoids were shown to reduce prostate cancer cells, and people aged 57-72 were found to have more testosterone and increased strength after tasking tongkat ali extract for 5 weeks (Richards).

The herb helps people gain lean muscle mass and lose weight with participants of a study increasing their lean body mass by 5% and losing a significant amount of weight (Seward).  

Significantly Improves Woman Health

Studies show tongkat ali to improve women's sexual health when they were diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and clinically tested to raise free testosterone by 600% in women in a 24-week study (Naressa)

Eating a consistent healthy diet and adding 100% natural diet supplements will do wonders for your health. Your bodies defense will be fully activated and free from GMOs. This type of lifestyle will work well with tongkat ali and its many health benefits. 

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