2023 Farm Bill Petition

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Congress needs to bring together people and industries committed to rebuilding our soil. Harmful soil is causing disruptions with ecosystem diversity and farmers livelihoods. Our future needs to be changed in regard to becoming more conscious of our land and preserving it to the best it can possibly be preserved.

The 2023 farm bill will have a huge impact on these preservation efforts, along with a whole host of other benefits. The 2018 farm bill failed to do this along with the 2008 farm bill, which I found to be one of the most atrocious bills in the history of America. A bill that blatantly limits the organic industry, I think illegally. At least the 2018 farm bill was a lot better, however, it still lacked the funding that is needed to operate on a level playing field for the farmers and consumers. The 2023 farm bill should be better and hopefully show the government of the people more than big government. 

“When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not Guilty'.” Theodore Roosevelt


Both side of the aisle need to come together and work for change for the better good. They need to put aside their differences and become once again a government of the people. This is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it strengthens the government because everyone is working together with what they hold true to their hearts instead of their pocketbook political alliances. 

If they can't truly work together on a simple farm bill, then what happens with war and military decisions. 

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The goal of Regenerate America is to put forward 6 key policies in the 2023 farm bill that will improve the health of the people, community, soils, and farming economics for the future. 

The members of congress will get to vote on the farm bill in 2023. Every 5 - 7 years the farm bill is sent through congress, allowing every senator to provide support for their key issues within marker bills which will influence the larger farm bill. 

The U.S farm bill is a very important piece of legislation. It has a major effect on the farmers throughout the country. Previous farm bills discouraged farmers from changing over to healthier soils. Lack of funding, and increased funding for traditional farms, have made it easier for farms to stay the same and encourage new farmers to continue building traditional farms with unhealthier soils. 

One of the main reasons why healthier food is more expensive at the market has to do with how the government funds the farm bills. More funding goes to the farmers and institutions that are responsible for processed foods and GMO's. This is why healthier food is more expensive at the market. More government funding is going to the competition, and if the government would fund the healthier farms properly, the costs would go down. This would provide consumers with more healthier choices instead of having to force consumers into choosing less expensive items. 

The government is not operating as an institution truly for the people here. The demand for healthier food has been growing, and it is clear to see how the government has been impacting the food industry with the farm bills. They have been a government for business instead of a government for the people. 

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