Indian Ginseng Fights Cancer Naturally

Indian Ginseng's Natural Health Benefits

indian ginseng

Indian Ginseng (ashwagandha) is a natural herb with numerous amounts of health benefits for people to heal. Benefits for the heart, brain, fights and prevents cancer to name a few. 

Indian ginseng's roots have high the highest amounts of health benefits, but the entire herb contains medicinal properties which can be naturally found in South Asia, Africa, and Central Asia (Messineo)

Naturally Improves Brain Activity

Human trials showcased ashwagandha improving brain activity, in particular stress, anxiety and cognitive function - due to being rich in bioactive compounds withaferin A, withanolides and withanosides, with further studies highlighting the protection from dementia and Alzheimer's (Wilson). Being able to prevent, fight, and destroy every type of disease possible through every medical solution possible would be a great thing. We are definitely intelligent enough to do so, but this is not the current reality. 

Certain Pharmacy Drugs Derived from Plants

pharmaceutical drugs

Close to 25% of pharmaceutical drugs come from medicinal plants like Withania somnifera (ashwagandha) - who within its own right demonstrates anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, stimulates immune response, and apoptogenic properties due in large part for one of its special ingredients that reverses carcinogenesis called withaferin A (Dubey et al.).

Are plants like Withania somnifera being explored medically for their own benefits to their full extent like pharmaceuticals? I do not think they are. Hopefully this will become the norm for the future. 

Potent Cancer Fighter Naturally

Withaferin A has many in vitro and in vivo studies of different types of cancerous cells showcasing its pro-apoptotic effects increasing its potential for developments as a cancer treatment in the future (Atteeq). Withaferin A is potent at stopping the spread of breast cancer which has shown strong anti-metastatic activity in general by inhibiting the vimentin cytoskeleton because vimentin overexpression in cancer leads to metastatic disease (Thaiparambil et al.). Being able to stop the spread of cancer and actually kill cancer cells for many different types of cancers is a strong discovery. 

Oncology research has already taken place showcasing Indian ginseng's potent future as a natural treatment for cancer, replacing chemotherapy and the nasty side effects associated (Firdous). One oncology report concluded it as safe for natural anticancer medicine after discovering its molecular process of selectively activating in tumor cells stopping their growth and killing the tumor (Widodo et al.). 

It's amazing how these discoveries are not more widely known because plants and herbs with known medicinal properties can easily be combined together and researched. Preventing such serious diseases as Alzheimer's, dementia, cancer, and even more qualifies this herb as a critical inclusion into everyday diets and conversations.

The cancer benefits alone make ashwagandha an intriguing health aid. Would you believe this natural plant embodies many other health benefits as well? It helps people suffering from insomnia sleep better, lowers blood pressure, aging, and immune system (WebMD). Other medicinal benefits exist as well, with continued research for new discoveries on Indian ginseng - and expansions on existing ones - ongoing for the future. 

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