Lycopene Prevents Severe Neuropathy

 Lycopene Benefits for Your Health

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Lycopene is part of the carotenoid family and a nutrient that gives tomatoes, watermelons, and pink grapefruit their color (Petre). Even when heated it still keeps powerful antioxidant properties (Contributors). 

Additional Fruits and Vegetables High in Lycopene

  • Gac (More lycopene benefits than tomatoes)
  • Autumn Olive
  • Goji Berry
  • Red Oranges
  • Papaya
  • Seabuckthorn
  • Pink Guava
  • Rosehip

Studies Reveal Reduced Cancer Risk 

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Great for your health because group research studies revealed high blood levels of lycopene reduces the chance for prostate, neck and head cancers (Petrovich). Studies revealed it could lower cancer risks for the breast, lung, stomach, and colorectal as well (Story et al.). Science studies revealed antimetastatic activity and inhibition of cancer growth, being responsible for changing the cancer cells chemistry and helping to bring cells back to normal mitosis, naturally decreases high VEGF levels, prevents damage to your DNA (preventing cancer from forming and uncontrolled cancer mitosis) (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

Definitely sounds like if you add safe levels of lycopene to your daily diet it will get into your bloodstream and do positive work within your cells and DNA. 

Great for Your Heart

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Many research studies surrounding the cardiovascular benefits for the heart have been conducted showcasing LDL-cholesterol, cytokine, and circulation improvements (Lodggins). Protective against atherosclerosis (risk factor for strokes and heart disease), reduces high blood pressure, and prevents heart attacks (Heston). 

Men Become More Fertile

Improves sperm motility and morphology, preventing damage to men's sperm by targeting reactive oxygen species (ROS) reducing stressful DNA damage, sperm death, and wearing down sperms cell membranes (Robbins). Helping men to have much more fertile sperm to fertilize women's eggs.  

Great For Your Eyes

Macular degeneration is greatly deterred by the consumption of lycopene because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (Edwards). 

Helps With Severe Neuropathy


It may help with pain associated with nerve and tissue damage along with the excruciating pain associated with diabetic neuropathy ( The cancer drug Oxaliplatin causes severe neuropathy (limiting the use), and a peer reviewed study revealed lycopene to protect against central and peripheral neuropathy (Celic et al.). Two different scientific studies revealed relief from severe neuropathy associated with very serious diseases. 

Good For Skin Health 

Clinical study from Great Britain revealed lycopene takers had significantly less sun damage because of its protective properties from UV rays (Petty). Boosts collagen production, prevents wrinkles, and protects your skins texture to keep from changing (Petty). 

It was cool to discover gac having more lycopene than tomatoes. When you think of lycopene you always think of tomatoes. Being able to add this nutrient to your daily life will only be beneficial for you and your family. Improves sexual health in men, helps with severe nerve pain, prevents cancer, great for your skin and eyes, a truly healthy antioxidant found in many tasty fruits and vegetables. 

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