Remarkable Health Benefits of the Panax Ginseng Family

Panax Ginseng Diet Aides and Health Benefits

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Ginseng has many different varieties. The exact number of varieties comes with some debate. What is not a debate is the many health benefits ginseng provides for humans. 

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Five Panax Ginseng Varieties

A large study took 28 different Korean red ginseng studies and combined them into one, finding the plant to be very effective for treating erectile dysfunction (Ellis). A low cost (6 cents per 500mg) non-prescription natural erectile dysfunction treatment that costs way less than its prescription counterparts like Viagra, and still works well for sexual intercourse without any chemicals or unnatural ingredients circling inside your body (Price and Gazewood). Clinical study on healthy people proved KRG to provide immuno-enhancement due to an increase in T cells, B cells, and white blood cells (WBCs) (Hyun et al). KRG is definitely a great natural resource for your sexual health and immune system.

White Korean ginseng is packed with ginsenosides and brown adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue is used by the body to burn fat quickly. Boosts metabolism, regulates the fat stored in your body, and blocks fat from forming in your body. This is why many people use white Korean ginseng for weight loss. Significantly reducing the chance for heart disease is another big benefit. Reversing liver damage and reducing inflammatory markers which may lead to cancer and other illnesses makes this plant a very healthy addition to your diet, especially if you combine it with exercise and healthy eating overall. 

Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha) improves musculoskeletal problems, drug withdrawals, relieves stress and anxiety, prevents seizures, gets your thyroid gland going, and increases red and white blood cell counts (Nagdeve). Contains fatty acids, polyphenols, alkaloids, and significantly lowered cortisol levels when taking 300mg twice daily for 60 days (Messineo). 

American ginseng is different than Korean and Asian ginseng but still contains the same healthy ginsenoside and gintonin (both unique to the panax ginseng family) compounds in different concentrations (Pagel). Ginsenosides help prevent cancer, aging, great for your liver, lungs, and many more attributes you can write a book on. 

Siberian ginseng grows in Russia and Asia and has a compound similar to ginsenosides called eleutherosides which optimizes your cardiovascular system, fights fatigue, and supports immunity (Axe). Eleutherosides has at least 12 potential health benefits including preventing cancer (especially lung cancer), increases circulation and bone strength to name a few (Huizen). It stimulates the immune system, fights off the cold and flu, increases muscle strength, improves your mental behaviors, and a double-blind study found it to reduce herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 2 outbreaks. Such a great herb to take during the winter months and before you workout to give you that energy you need and added edge to improve your muscle mass. 

Ginseng Diet Aides 

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Diet aides come in many forms, but the real difference lies with quality and taste. Tea with fresh ginseng from the grocery store comes with many healthy remedies especially weight loss since both natural resources are great for losing weight. According to the Gundry MD Team, add it to stews, soups, eat it raw, steam it, or add it to a stir fry. Come up with your own ideas. I think if you utilize the various cooking methods than it will lose much of its nutritional value. When ginseng is consumed as raw as possible, like in a juice or smoothie, it will keep all of its healthy nutrients. 

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