Weight Loss Prescriptions to Lose Weight

Can Weight Loss Prescriptions Be Replaced?

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Weight loss prescriptions are prescribed by Drs to help overweight people lose weight. Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise are needed as well. Can natural diet supplements for losing weight replace prescription drugs?

To lose weight a little equals huge gains because losing weight is not easy; people who lose 1 to 2 pounds per week are likely to keep the lost weight off eating healthy and exercising regularly (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). A goal of losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is very realistic, you just have to be ready and motivated to make a complete lifestyle change (Mayo Clinic Staff).  

Sustained loss of weight reverses metabolic abnormalities with obesity as the root cause, benefiting type 2 diabetes and heart disease sufferers for example, and new research discovered lifestyle changes and anti-obesity drugs enabled people suffering from obesity to have an over 10% reduction in weight sustained for 5 years (Citroner). 

Natural Diet Supplements Backed by Scientific Research

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Can lifestyle changes and 100% completely natural weight loss diet supplements provide the same effect as traditional diet pills? I think natural diet supplements backed by research and scientific evidence are better than its chemical counterparts. 

Natural supplements like ExipureIkaria Lean Belly Juice, Protetox, Java Burn, Ignite, Tea Burn, LeanBiome, and Alpilean are backed by science and completely all natural. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or habit-forming ingredients as with traditional drugs. 

Scientific evidence has shown serious illnesses and diseases develop from GMOs. High fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, lactic acid, and vitamins are examples of genetically modified organisms. The origin of GMOs comes from experimental technology. It creates unstable combinations of animals, bacterial genes, and crops with people reporting toxic effects after consuming them. 

The digestive systems enzymes have a tough time breaking down genetically modified organisms risking the chance for leaky gut and serious diseases such as IBS, celiac disease, diabetes, and asthma. Human studies revealed it increased the risk for breast cancer in women.

Different anti-obesity medications have unique side effects which experts believe outweigh the benefits of taking them; are mild, rarely serious, if they do occur (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases).  

Xenical's Serious Side Effects

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Xenical is a popular anti-obesity prescription drug with serious side effects of liver and kidney problems, blood in urine, severe lower back pain, severe stomach pain, common side effects that are usually temporary and may weaken as time passes, and when combined with other drugs and/or supplements it may have an affect on the drug (Drugs.com)

It would be cool to know the rare numbers of people effected by the serious side effects of weight loss prescriptions. Since many diet drugs exist, and have evidence of serious side effects, the numbers must add up to a significant number. If only 1 person is affected than I think it is serious if it can all be avoided in the first place. 

Here is a list of 27 issues associated with Xenical directly from the web site. This means evidence exists for people having issues associated with this one particular prescription drug. 

Prescription Diet Pills Addiction

Developing an addiction to diet pills is common as it allows the user to feel they are in control with over half of teenage girls abusing them and having a very destructive impact on the body (Jeurgens and Parisi). 

I imagine most, if not all, prescription drugs to lose weight have both mild and serious side effects with habit forming possibilities. When combined with other drugs or supplements, it will have an affect on the pills as well. Even though serious side effects are rare, they still happen along with allergic reactions. Mild side effects are common with these drugs. Most likely all of the manmade ingredients are causing some type of adverse reaction inside the body. 

Avoiding serious and mild side effects is possible with an all-natural diet supplement. All of the ingredients come natural from the earth as if you were eating a vegetable or piece of fruit. Making a serious lifestyle change with diet, exercise, and all-natural diet supplements will lose weight and keep the weight off. 

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